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At the end of the eighties, Tiziano Giacomoni, young and dynamic passionate audio industry founded the company G.T. Electronics, devoting himself to the construction of audio amplifiers for automotive use and marketing its products with AUDIOSYSTEM and AUDIOQUEEST brands. In a few years, the first results, allow growth and optimization of the company, which strengthens and matures in both the ability to research what to produce and distribute its products. The continuous achievements, urging the staff creativity of design and create the strength to conquer ground in an area of ​​net domain orientale.Da were then made products of increasingly sophisticated products with circuitry and aesthetic, with the common goal of the result without compromises. In 1994, a second company was founded: the G.T. Trading, which entrusts the task to market the product around the world, where the G.T. Electronics develops even more its potential in the production departments, planning and research. In 1995 an important event marks the path of the two companies: the collaboration with Bartolomeo Aloia which unquestionably is the greatest exponent at Home Italian Hi-Fi. The skills acquired by the group G.T. in the creation of innovative products, in synergy with the knowledge and experience of the engineer Aloia, giving life to a new study on research aimed at creating brand new Hi-End Italian products, able to compete at the highest level in the world. The results are now plain for all: after two years of tireless research, born amplifiers and preamplifiers ALOIA characterized it from the inductive power that dramatically improves the sound capacities, while for the production of Car products, the 'effect of the partnership begins in 1997 with the Steg equipment. From the prestigious collection of SL amplifiers up to 11 Qualitymos recent models, today G.T. It manufactures and distributes its electronic world, selling in Italy also historical brands like Cerwin-Vega! and SEAS, investing continuously in the design and research. The goals are followed year after year and Master Stroke series is the confirmation: the new benchmark for the world's hi-end car market, MSK3000 (the most powerful amplifier built in Italy), and recently joined by MSK1500 MSK50SC (50Wx2 @ 4ohm able to multiply the power of up to 700Wx2 @ 0.25 ohm!). 2007, history seems to repeat itself. Unless Siliato young and dynamic passionate audio industry, joins the GT Trading Group, by them year after year flanked by GT Trading staff strengthens and matures his knowledge on building audio amplifiers for automotive use. Except in 2010 Siliato becomes owner of the company, continuing so 'GT Trading legend. The new Class D line is the confirmation of the new skill G.T. group, with twenty years experience in the audio industry, class D amplifiers fully stabilized capable of delivering 5000Watt with distortion less than 0.05%. Demonstrations of a continuous commitment, the objectives ever forward ...

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GT Trading Today

A few years of hard work were enough, in search of perfection in car audio products, without leaving any details for  expand the brand worldwide. Today the company with its worldwide distribution in more than 78 countries offers a complete range of over 250 car hifi products, all developed in Italy. The STEG brand is one of the most respected brands in the world when it comes to Hi-End car audio products, thanks to the various international awards achieved over the years. Today GTTrading in the Italian headquarters, manages to design, produce, and distribute its products all over the world.

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