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Uncompromising performance and highest demands - that is what AWAVE stands for. Wether high performance amplifier, subwoofer that mingle extreme dynamic with strong efficiency or sophisticated coaxial- and 2-way-systems or reference systems for outstanding requirements. Our passion for our products is palpable in every AWAVE component. Bavarian precision fusions with internationally renowed design and leading technological knowledge.

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AWAVE offers a variety of coaxial speakers and component systems in all common diameters for each application.
The spectrum ranges from small, vehicle-specific models to multi-way variants suitable for the competition.
In addition to the models listed in this category, other individual components are also available with a diameter of 16.5 cm / 6.5”.


AWAVE offers a wide range of 4-channel and 2-cannel amplifiers for each purpose starting at small and simple to integrate versions up to extremely powerful and low-impedance stable models.

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The advantage of the DSP technology is available as a stand-alone processor unit ready to be added to every sound system including all important features like time alignment, equalizing and crossover adjustment. And the advantage of the DSP technology is available as a built-in feature with amplifiers, too. 


Hear crystal-clear, natural sound from powerful amplification, with customizable sound settings for your favorite record library.

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