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Enormous power and progressive DSP technology for the ultimate sound experience.

The powerhouse for simple OEM integrations
The new MDSP12 is a true all-rounder that not only delivers unbridled power and dynamics for true hi-fi sound, but at the same time comes with all the prerequisites for easy integration into the vehicle. Seamless connectivity
With its six high-level inputs, an optical digital input is perfectly equipped for seamless adaptation to existing multi-channel sound systems. Advanced 32 Bit Plattform.
Of course is equipped with our proprietary 32 Bit platform, which doesn’t just take over all control tasks ultra-fast, but also handles a bunch of audio functions: fantastic sound effects such as Augmented Bass Processing or Real Center are implemented as well as a channel-separated. Compact dimensions
Despite its wide feature set and beefy output power of 12 CH x 80 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms, 12CH x 120 Watts MAX the UP MDSP12 comes – as usual for a STEG amplifier – in a very compact design, so that it can be installed even in confined spaces without any problems. SOFTWARE PC feat. TuneEQ – Powerful features for the ultimate sound experience
Of course, the STEG MDSP12 can be easily configured via our new, professional and exceptionally intuitive software pc. The familiar, numerous setting options leave nothing to be desired and guarantee an extremely precise sound adjustment even for complex system configurations.
Support original car impedance detection, input EQ, AIIpass EQ
Full channel filter slope phase delay gain adjustable
Rear 31-segment EQ adjustment all-pass filter mixing function
Support high-voltage power supply for new energy vehicles.

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