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A characteristic of the STEG D Class line of amplifiers is the very low distortion that they can maintain even at very low loads. Thanks to the LOW TOLERANCE OF THE PASSIVE COMPONENTS AND THE ACCURATE DESIGN OF THE LAYOUT, which minimize power losses and make excellent performance. The components used are of the selected type and of particular value, low tolerance resistors and capacitors are used, coupling capacity in high linearity polyester with low thermal drift and made specifically for audio applications. The choice of each individual device has been studied down to the smallest detail, each element finds its best location in the delicate electrical balances of the system in order to ensure exceptional performance, invariable over time.

NIKO 1.40000, designed for the most difficult SPL challenges where the power supply, load impedance conditions are truly extreme. Double power input connector. Clock frequency 50KHz stabilized PWM (10.5V). Use of 10 transformers with E-ferrite for maximum efficiency. 40 switching MOSFETs of 160 Ampere, 0.010 Ohm for a total of 6.400 Ampere. All managed by the microprocessor which, in addition to switching the mosfets, takes care of the management of the protections by constantly monitoring: 1) low input voltage, 2) high input voltage, 3) short circuit in the final stage 4) abnormal absorption in the final stage. We are the first in the world to use this switching power supply m