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A feature of STEG Class D amplifiers line is the very low distortion that are able to maintain even at very low loads. Thanks to LOW TOLERANCE OF PASSIVE COMPONENTS AND THE LAYOUT thoughtful design, that reduce to a minimum the loss of power and make excellent performances. The components used is of the type selected and of particular value, are used in low tolerance resistors and capacitors, coupling in high linearity with low thermal drift and polyester capacity made specifically for audio applications. The choice of each individual device has been studied in every detail, every element finds its best placement in the delicate balance of the electrical system in order to ensure maximum performance, invariable in time.

The K2.04D integrates two a protection systems a global managed by a microprocessor that has the task to perform, in a continuous manner, the control of the following functions:

Output short circuit

Direct current to the loudspeaker leaders

Increase in temperature

Muting the switch-on

Supply voltage out of range

Intelligent fan control "INTELLISPEED"

The numerous "sensors" on the circuit sending a continuous data stream that is processed at high speed. Thanks to dedicated software, the protection system reacts instantaneously, intervening appropriately and reporting any malfunctions via the LEDs on the control panel. The other protection system is managed by the modulator which controls the switching circuit on the final stage.


High quality and precision, MOSFETs selected one by one, solid terminal blocks machined from solid which accept large cables and passive components with very low tolerance.
DESIGN Shapes designed by function, elegant and sophisticated lines. Designed to dissipate heat quickly, they integrate INTELLISPEED fans located in the hottest spots, whose speed varies proportionally to the temperature.
SOUND Final stage and preamplifier as a synthesis of STEG know-how. Exclusive circuits such as GR.I.P.S. (which eliminates any external noise), Straigth-In (reduced signal path) and the new audiophile drivers entirely with discrete components, the heart of the Bel Suono K competition.

K competiton, the name of these new electronics. represents the commitment made by STEG in creating amplifiers designed, as well as for sound, for competitions and for SPL. The power available, the high current and the impressive dynamics are among the features guaranteed by a project that has spared nothing. The massive use of extremely powerful semiconductors, the distribution of power on various transformers in parallel (in the photo, the K2.04 equipped with 4 transformers and 4 inductors) and the use of an extremely effective dissipating system, guarantee all the energy and the reliability needed to continuously drive any type of load, up to 1 ohm.
SERIALPOWER is an exclusive series connection mode for the outputs, reserved for stereophonic models, it allows you to add the power of two units as if they were a single amplifier.

FUNCTIONALITY: The numerous functions on the input panel make up the SMMS system (STEG MULTIWAY MODULAR SYSTEM). Double separate and independent LP and HP filters - High-pass, Low-pass, Band-pass, Flat configurations - Gradient selectable 12 / 24 dB - BY-PASS output - Q of the 0.7 / 1.2 filter - Double frequency regulation technology with 4-step switch or AQXM2 modules. SMMS allows the creation of sophisticated multiway systems (3,4,5,6 ways and more, according to the installation needs), avoiding the use of expensive and noisy external cross-overs that heavily degrade the sound. On the cover, an example of a complete six-way multi-amplified Front / Back / Sub system, built using only the SMMS functions integrated into the K amplifiers.

The K competition amplifiers incorporate an innovative system for managing service operations and operating control. With respect to analogue techniques in common use, each supervision function of the operating status is performed by a Microprocessor, also in charge of managing new and important functions related to Communication. By continuously analyzing the circuitry, the digital STEG system protects the amplifier from malfunctions, checking the status of the power supply, the ground connection, short circuits and the presence of direct current on the outputs, as well as the on / off and the thermal state of the power devices (by regulating the flow of cold air). If necessary, it intervenes with muting or, in extreme cases, with the total switching off of the amplifier, safeguarding the electronics and the connected devices. Each protection event is identified by the LEDs in the control panel and, above all, recorded in detail on the integrated memory, as happens for the "black box" of the aircraft.


storing data, offers K competitions new possibilities of use. STEG has created a Hardware / Software kit which, through the STEGLINK connection, allows communication between the amplifiers and the Personal Computer.


is the program that interacts with the integrated microprocessor, drawing from its memory the information stored during operation. Thanks to a simple and intuitive graphical interface, MY STEG MANAGER shows the status of the amplifier in real time on the monitor, reporting fundamental operating parameters such as: supply and remote voltage, operating temperatures (right and left side of the heat sink), fan activity and, above all, detailed condition of the protections. By analyzing the information, the user is able to quickly determine the cause of any anomalies.
In addition to the instantaneous condition of the amplifier, MY STEG MANAGER can display the history of the protection events. From one of the menus, you access a section that collects the operational details and graphically summarizes the data relating to the last 14 protection interventions. The program, reading the data from the amplifier, faithfully reports temperatures, voltages and type of intervention, showing an accurate and useful analysis of the trend curves, both in the overall verification of the audio system, and in the search for search for installation errors. MY STEG MANAGER provides the connection of a HUB accessory designed to manage high-level creations and professional competition systems, thanks to which it is possible to connect up to 10 K competition amplifiers to the PC. Read yes, but also write. In fact, the software also allows you to engrave your personal details and those of the installer in a protected area of the memory. The data entered will join the digital serial number (entered during production) generating a digital signature that makes each amplifier unique, non-counterfeit and always recognizable, regardless of tampering or theft.

Power 4 ohm stereoWatt RMS - 11 to 14,4 Volt 500 x 2
Power 2 ohm stereoWatt RMS - 11 to 14,4 Volt 900 x 2
Power 1 ohm stereoWatt RMS - 11 to 14,4 Volt 1700 x 2
Power 4 ohm monoWatt RMS - 11 to 14,4 Volt 2000 x 1
Power 2 ohm monoWatt RMS - 11 to 14,4 Volt 3500 x 1

Volt RMS 0,5 V - 5 V

640 x 56 x 232 mm

8,26 Kg

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