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The sound philosophy behind STEG

MASTERSTROKE "CLASSE A" is the most advanced in today's world of high-end car amplification. It embodies the goals of STEG research in the combination of
innovative technologies, which operate effectively and in absolute balance. The "CLASS A" uses circuit solutions such as the absence of feedback
Negative and operating class A, techniques that can only be traced back to Home Hi-Fi. It introduces a surprising tuning tool, able to refine the sound of the amplifier
following the sensitivity of the audiophile. Built in the state of the art, the "CLASS A" is expressed in the most beautiful sound of car-audio. Consistency of timbre,
sweetness and three-dimensionality of the sound scene, give an enchanting listening involvement, demonstrating the complete and unaltered reproduction of the original
musical message. ABSENCE OF NEGATIVE BACKGROUND The amplification stages are extremely articulated electronic circuits, the interaction between the
components combined with their physical / technological limits and the complexity of the signal are among the many variables that contribute to producing undesirable
effects on the functioning of the system. The design of an amplifier, already in itself challenging, is complicated when dealing with audio signals: the incoming music
information must remain unaltered throughout the process, to re-propose complete with every micro information on the amplified output; in this case, one can speak of
"High Fidelity". Realizing this type of circuit requires profound experience and knowledge of technique, components and sound. Know-How from which to draw in
creating a balance between the many factors involved. There is a common methodology that simplifies the design of an amplifier and consists in the use of the Negative
Feedback in order to fill the imperfections generated by the circuit during the amplification process

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