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MSK 1500

The sound philosophy behind STEG

HIGH-END stereo amplifier from 200 + 200 Watts RMS on 4 ohms, 1400 Watts RMS on 1 ohms. Conversion stage dc-dc differentiated (separate positive
and negative branches) with energy recovery, switching mosfet for a total of 640 A, stabilized in technology P.R.H.E.S.S. (Primary Regulated High
Efficence Supply System) up to 11 Volt of battery power supply. Amplifier stage in "triple darlinghton" configuration with high sound output developed on 40
MHz Sanken transistors, equipped with a complex automatic polarization circuit. Signal processor symmetric along its entire path realized with transistors
BJT and FET very low counter-reaction.
Audiophile preamplifier that uses very low noise operational amplifiers as well as precision resistors and condensers. Exclusivable electronic crossover that
uses high precision AQXM2 frequency modules (settable in high-pass, low-pass and band-pass) with a gradient of 12 dB / oct and configurable Q factor to
0.7 Butterworth or 1 Tchebitchef. Parallel variable equalizer with continuity (0 / + 12dB - 40 / 120Hz). Separate input sensitivity levels. Bypass output.
Forced ventilation system with controlled Thermo-Load speed. GR.I.P.S. system of immunization from integrated electromagnetic disturbances. "Trimode"
simultaneous Stereo / Mono operation. Self-resetting protections. TRIMFEET fixing system with sliding feet.

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