More than 2,000 square meters on two levels to design, manufacture, and ship all products GTTrading

Design, Creativity and Italian technology, these are the strong points that for 33 years differ GTTrading Excellence in STEG and Audiosystem products worldwide
Choose a product GTTrading from Class A of STEG to the new Digital Audiosystem means having design excellence and above all sound excellence ...

Theoretical / Practical on every new product device to make excellent use

Thanks unquestioned quality, STEG and Audiosystem products are industry leaders around the world. They are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world by bringing design and technology without compromises. Constant update on your courses to the best of our products allow you to achieve excellent results in the field race and can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Technical Comparison with our International Distributors

Thanks to a very good personal relationship and technical with the largest distributors in Russia and China America GTTrading can develop all the car audio equipment necessary to the world market leading technology and 100% Italian design.

The GTTrading has more than 60 distributors around the world, including Asia, America, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, Middle East, South-East Asia