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AWAVE processors arecapable of interfacing with any analogand / or digital source,
transforming ordinary “audio” into a high-performance integrated system.

Improved audio performance and power thanks to the latest generation of AWAVE D-Class technology
Unbeatable power/volume ratio up to 0.72 W RMS/cm³ reaching 84% of efficiency
Next-generation software platform
Hi-Res compatibility performance, with an extended audio band up to 40 kHz, made possible by and DSP working operation at 24 bit/96 kHz
Maximum versatility thanks to the possibility of using the bridging option for each pair of power outputs
Up to 10 output channels (4 amplified, 6 native pre-out outputs, 4 optional pre-outs) controlled by the DSP to expand the system with other amplifiers
4 high, 4 low-level inputs (and an optical Toslink digital input) support total connectivity even with the most complex OEM systems
Advanced signal routing options allow the technician to go beyond the predefined system definitions in the Configuration Wizard
all in one state-of-the-art platform! 4X50W

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