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LITHIUM 2,3V 48ah

The evolution of power

A lithium titanate cell is a modified lithium ion cell that uses lithium titanate nanocrystals on the surface of the anode instead of carbon. This gives the anode an area of 100m² per gram of carbon, which allows electrons to enter and exit the anode more quickly. This makes fast charging possible with high currents when needed. Lithium-titanate cells also withstand 10,000-15,000 charge cycles, much more than other chemistries of 500-1000 cycles. LTOs have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years instead of 2-4 years for normal acid or AGM batteries. Batteries manufactured on the basis of LTO are able to
operate in severe frost conditions (from minus 50 ° C) and in extreme heat conditions (up to plus 65 °
C). Data shows that these batteries can be safely charged at speeds above 10C. This means that the
battery can be charged in less than 10 minutes. The maximum charge and discharge rate is 10C, so in
this case it is 480A! Minimal overheating or heat release during operation. The LTO Audiosystem
battery, fast charging in 6 minutes, wide temperature range (-50 ° ~ 60 °), 30 years life, no flame, no explosion, high safety and high efficiency. It has gained popularity from worldfamous partners.
LTO battery has been widely used in new energy vehicles and in the field of energy storage of communication stations, network frequency modulation, household, industry, railway, military, etc. And it has broad market prospects and application values.

Tests performed:
Cut test = NO FLAME
Electric piercing test = NO FLAME
Immersion penetration test = NO FLAME
Drop test = NO FLAME
High temperature test = NO FLAME
Gasoline Combustion Test = NO FLAME

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