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A state of the art speaker system, designed and manufactured without compromise.

The novel, ultra lightweight and fine-meshed dome with a visco-elastic Acronal coating on both sides guarantees brilliant and smooth treble response. In addition, integrating pure lamb’s wool and dampened coupling volume enables a very low resonance frequency and allows a deep acoustic coupling.
In terms of design and technology, the STEG philosophy is continued without exception:
The gentle, precious appearance reveals a number of smart details. The ultra-precise machined, 10 times ventilated neodymium magnet will generate the highest magnetic flux linearity, the integrated 24-carat gold plated terminals for maximum conductivity. Add to this the sturdy protection grille for the dome and you have a midrange like no other.
In order to meet our high quality requirements and to reach perfect tonal interaction each speaker set is hand-selected and paired according to its acoustic parameters. Only after selection, every speaker set receives its unique serial number which is recorded to a service database.

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