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30 YEARS of aftermarket and OEM EXELLENCE Car Amplifiers 

Music is emotion in acoustic waves. It touches people like no other medium. The STEG brand was born with the idea to reproduce this audio experience as accurate and realistic as possible. Nothing shall stand in the way of pure musical enjoyment. Not even the automobile interior with its less than ideal acoustic conditions. Based on this vision, GT TRADING creates legendary high-end hi-fi components for automotive applications since 1983. There is only one goal: absolutely uncompromising sound.

If high-end audio reproduction in cars is the question, STEG will be the answer.

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GT Trading produces high-performance car audio systems driven by research.

Music fans who attend live concerts know well the emotions that low undistorted frequencies without dynamic compression can arouse.

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Our story

From the prestigious collection of SL amplifiers up to 11 Qualitymos recent models, today G.T. It manufactures and distributes its electronic world, selling in Italy also historical brands like Cerwin-Vega! and SEAS, investing continuously in the design and research. The goals are followed year after year and Master Stroke series is the confirmation: the new benchmark for the world's hi-end car market, MSK3000 (the most powerful amplifier built in Italy), and recently joined by MSK1500 MSK50SC (50Wx2 @ 4ohm able to multiply the power of up to 700Wx2 @ 0.25 ohm!).

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