With the aim of providing high acoustic performance even when used with lower power, the SQ8-2 (2+2ohm) and SQ8-4 (4+4ohm) were designed for use in an 8.5 liter reflex enclosure. The components of the STEG SQ8 subwoofer have been developed with a primary objective: to provide high power in tight spaces. The exit is a matter of excursion; the more air the cone moves, the more output there will be. However, the reduced mounting depth has traditionally led to a low excursion. The STEG SQ8 subwoofers use a special geometry studied in our laboratories that guarantees a wide range of the mobile unit, keeping the mounting depth to a minimum. The Suspension the Cone and the Spiders have been carefully designed to prevent the "oscillating mode" phenomenon. This allows the subwoofer to be mounted close to the rear wall of the enclosure, making the most of the reduced mounting depth.