The F4 are complete amplifiers, full of useful devices to manage the most sophisticated facility types. Structured into two sections, have separate inputs to be used in unified or independently, each section is equipped with electronic crossovers ultra-flexible, able to interpret the configuration requirements both in multi-way systems than in multi-amplified. The three models, different in power, are all usable in mono, bridge; The integrated fans contribute to increase performance in 'F4 600 is expressed in more than 1200 Watt ... so much energy for those who have "bad intentions!"


Power 4 ohms RMS stereoWatt 14.4 Volt 100 x 4
Power 2 ohms RMS stereoWatt 14.4 Volt 160 x 4
Power 4 ohms RMS monoWatt 14.4 Volt 330 x 2

minimum load impedance 2 ohms


Frequency response 5 Hz - 25,000 Hz


Regulation band of the filter: (HP 20-150) + (LP 45-300) Hz |


Filter slope: 12 dB / oct



Volts RMS 0.2 V - 5 V



320 x 50 x 220 mm



2.8 Kg