F2 are STEREO amplifiers in Class D Full-Range (5Hz - 25.000Hz) with high dynamic power amplifier, capable of handling low impedance speaker systems. The high amount of current available to it quadruples the power bridge mono configuration, turning a "Small" 350 Watt in a monster 1700 watt RMS! Integrate reversible crossovers independent adjustment and are designed to work well in multi-amplification, as elements of a powerful engine Audiosystem SPL weblog. Their is always expressed concentrated energy in compliance with the music, enviable qualities of timbre, specifications from top of the class
Big power in a compact size ...
Possibility of connection to high level, and the possibility of use with autosense in systems without an exit Remote (on and off the arrival of Audio signal).


Power 4 ohms RMS stereoWatt 14.4 Volt 350 x 2
Power 2 ohms RMS stereoWatt 14.4 Volt 650 x 2
Power 4 ohms RMS monoWatt 14.4 Volt 1700 x 1

minimum load impedance 2 ohms


Frequency response 5 Hz - 25,000 Hz


Regulation band of the filter: (HP 20-150) + (LP 45-300) Hz |


Filter slope: 12 dB / oct



Volts RMS 0.2 V - 5 V



353 x 53 x 190 mm



3.8 Kg