AD DSP6

The ADdsp6 amplifier was designed by GTTrading's R & D department to achieve the highest sound quality in OEM integration applications. The powerful management software demonstrates the ability to manage a multiamp drive in a single, compact device. Thanks to the innovative power stage, it is possible to obtain a power of 600 W. With 2 digital outputs to drive another external amplifier.



• 6-channel class D amplifier with integrated DSP + 2 digitally processed line outputs so as to allow another amplifier to be driven in the same system, creating a very powerful and multi-channel system in a small space.

• DSP with SP-DIF digital input.

• AUX inputs suitable for hands-free set-up, mobile navigation and external stereo sources.

• Black sandblasted finish.

• Rated power: 107 Watt @ 4 Ohm <1% THD + N

• Sn Ratio:> XX dBA (ref: 1 Watt in 4 Ohm)

•Output power (14V4):

•85W @ 4 Ohm max

•110W @ 2 Ohm max

•85W x 4 + 100W x 2 @ 4 Ohm
•Input sensitivity: (Power rating ref)

•0.27 V ÷ 8.5 V (Low Level)

•0.7 V ÷ 22 V (High Level)
•Functions Xover:

•Subsonic Filter: (20 ÷ 20000 Hz)

•Low Pass Filter: (20 ÷ 20000 Hz)

•Slope (dB/Oct): 6-48

•Band pass

•Q variable: 0.27 ÷ 40
•Special functions:

Volume control, presets and main functions from DRC or mobile software, Bluetooth.

•Phase Inversion: 0° ÷ 180°

•Time delays (ms): 0 ÷ 25 (0.01 steps)

•Low level / High level input

•Auto Sense (only in high level mode)

•2 RCA outputs processed by DSP

• Dimensions: 220x152x40 mm

• Weight:1250 g