A very important role is played by the R & D loudspeaker group, working closely with our distributors and retailers to develop products that are always fit for international markets.

After the extraordinary success of the STEG brand speaker line, we have created the new AUDIOSYSTEM speakers that include years and years of development, hours and hours of listening to select the best materials and enclose them in unique products. The new Sound Quality speaker line represents the ultimate in sound reproduction and uncompromising design. From the use of ceramics to the custom basket we have not neglected any details to bring in the exact reproduction of a Live concert. 






All the line of speakers by AUDIOSYSTEM is produced entirely by hand, in craftsmanship. Tested one by one to minimize malfunctions due to factory faults.
From our listening room to the listening halls of our customers and distributors all the speakers once designed and prototypes are heard for hours and hours by our designers and the most well-known Audiofiles all over the world.