A very important role is played by the speaker R&D group, which works in close harmony with our distributors and resellers to develop products that are always suitable for international markets.
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The new AWAVE Plug & Play speakers enclose years and years of development, hours and hours of listening tests to select the best materials and enclose them in unique products. The new line of speakers represents the maximum expression of sound reproduction and uncompromising design. From the use of the best cards to the personalized basket, we have not overlooked any detail to bring the exact reproduction of a Live concert into the car.

Dalla nostra sala d'ascolto fino ad arrivare nelle sale di ascolto dei nostri clienti e distributori tutti gli altoparlanti una volta progettati e prototipati, prima di andare in produzione definitiva vengono ascoltati per ore ed ore dai nostri progettisti e dai più noti Audiofili sparsi in tutto il mondo.