The ADs are full-range D-Class (5Hz - 25,000Hz) DTH-Class amplifiers with a high-dynamic end stage, capable of handling low-impedance speaker systems. The high amount of current available quadruples the power in mono-bridge configuration, transforming a "Small" 350 Watt into a 1700 Watt RMS Monster! Integrate self-adjusting reversible crossovers and are also designed to work in multi-amplification as elements of a powerful Audiosystem SPL engine. Their energy concentrate always expresses respect for music, enviable timbral qualities, technical features from the first class
Great power in compact dimensions ...
High-level connection, and possibility of using with autosense in systems without Remote output (on and off when the audio signal arrives).

Power 4 ohms stereoWatt RMS 14.4 Volt 75 x 4
Power 2 ohms stereoWatt RMS 14.4 Volt 120 x 4
Power 4 ohm monoWatt RMS 14.4 Volt 240 x 2
Power 4 ohms stereoWatt MAX 14.4 Volt 150 x 4
Power 4 ohms stereoWatt MAX 14.4 Volt 240 x 4
Power 4 ohm monoWatt MAX 14.4 Volt 480 x 2


Minimum load impedance of 2 ohms


Frequency response 5 Hz - 25,000 Hz


Filter Intervention Band:
LP 50 - 4000
HP 20 - 4000Hz
Filter Depth: 12 dB / oct


Volt RMS 0.2 V to 5 V


148 x 52 x 230mm

3.80 Kg