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A feature of AUDIOSYSTEM Class AB amplifiers line is the very low distortion that are able to maintain even at very low loads. Thanks to LOW TOLERANCE OF PASSIVE COMPONENTS AND THE LAYOUT thoughtful design, that reduce to a minimum the loss of power and make excellent performances. The components used is of the type selected and of particular value, are used in low tolerance resistors and capacitors, coupling in high linearity with low thermal drift and polyester capacity made specifically for audio applications. The choice of each individual device has been studied in every detail, every element finds its best placement in the delicate balance of the electrical system in order to ensure maximum performance, invariable in time.

The AS300.2 integrates a protection systems a global  that has the task to perform, in a continuous manner, the control of the following functions:

  • Output short circuit

  • Direct current to the loudspeaker.

  • leaders

  • Increase in temperature

  • Muting the switch-on

  • Supply voltage out of range

The protection system reacts instantaneously, intervening appropriately and reporting any malfunctions via the LEDs on the control panel. ​


High quality and precision, MOSFETs selected one by one, solid terminal blocks machined from solid which accept large cables and passive components with very low tolerance.
DESIGN Shapes designed by function, elegant and sophisticated lines. 
SOUND Final stage and preamplifier as a synthesis of AUDIOSYSTEM, know-how. Exclusive circuits such as GR.I.P.S. (which eliminates any external noise), Straigth-In (reduced signal path) and the new audiophile drivers entirely with discrete components, the heart of the Good Sound.


Power 4 ohm stereoWatt RMS - 11 to 14,4 Volt 300 x 2

Power 2 ohm stereoWatt RMS - 11 to 14,4 Volt 600 x 2

Power 4 ohm monoWatt RMS - 11 to 14,4 Volt  1300 x 1


Volt RMS   0,5 V - 9 V


430 x 51 x 185 mm


4,40 Kg